Locate a GPS point on the map

Directions from / to

Starting point and destination

Fill the origin and destination address fields and click on "Get Directions" to display the route on the map. Turn by turn directions appear right below the map.

If you opt to share your location, you will be able to set it as your starting point or your destination with just a click.

You can also change the mode of transportation and get Google directions for bicycling, transit or walking (availability may vary by country).

Latitude and longitude tool

You can also use the latitude and longitude tool to locate a point on the map from its GPS coordinates. If an address corresponds to those coordinates, you can then set this point as your starting point or destination for your driving directions request. You can also simply click on the map until you find the location you are looking for and select it.

Share your itinerary

Link: http://www.gps-coordinates.net/google-maps-driving-directions?start=&end=&mode=Samochód&unit=Kilometr&hw=Ok&tolls=Ok

This link is the easiest way to share an itinerary. It is dynamically updated as you prepare your directions request. Simply click "Copy link to Clipboard" and share the directions of your choice.

Multiple stops directions

If you need to create more complex itineraries and/or save them, we recommend using this route planner.

Other parameters

If you prefer, you can also use latitude and longitude of the starting point and destination as parameters to share an itinerary.

Manually create a link with the following parameters: www.gps-coordinates.net?startlat=your_value_here&startlng=your_value_here&destlat=your_value_here&destlng=your_value_here

The 4 parameters are mandatory. Don't use the start and end parameters which would take precedence. You can also add the mode, unit, hw and tolls parameters for mode of transportation (Driving, Bicycling, Transit, Walking), unit (Kilometer or Mile), highways (Ok or Avoid) and tolls (Ok or Avoid). Beware that using this method, the Google MAPS API will convert the GPS points to the closest known address with at least a street name.

Google Maps API

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